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Whether you're looking to hook your own business processes into Wave, or build integrations for other people, our Developer Portal has the information you need to connect to Wave.

Wave API

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Wave exists to help small business owners take control of their business financial data and streamline their financial operations. We know that many small business owners punch above their weight by smartly integrating online tools to automate key processes, and we are committed to enabling Wave to become part of those integrations.

Wave is committed to the vision of eventually providing a full, public API that enables programatic access to all the key features in our system. Since starting to develop and deploy our API in 2019, we have steadily added more functionality, and continue working closely with partners, integrators, and Wave customers to ensure we deliver the right API features with the right priority.

Please explore the APIs we have available now; visit our "Coming soon" page to discover the next features our team is working on; and let us know via our Support form how we can best help you make the most of Wave. 

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