In order to connect to Wave, you need to provide authentication credentials. Credentials can be acquired by creating an Application and generating tokens in one of two ways.

Authentication Flows

OAuth 2

An OAuth token enables a Wave user to give your application scoped access to their account. See OAuth Guide and OAuth Scopes for instructions.

Full Access Token

From an application, you can create a full access token that represents you as a user and has the same permissions you do. This token can be passed to the API using an Authorization header with a value of Bearer YOUR_TOKEN.

A full access token is the quickest and most convenient way to start exploring the Wave API with Businesses in your own Wave account, but for applications that you will publish or sell for other Wave users to use in their accounts, authentication should be via OAuth 2.

Creating a Full Access Token

  1. Make sure you are logged into your Wave account.
  2. Navigate to the Manage Applications page on the left navigation.
  3. Select the application to create a token for by clicking on its name. May need to first create an application.
  4. Click the "Create token" button to generate a new full access token.
  5. Use the token in the Authorization header and your requests will be authenticated.
  6. If you decide to revoke access for a particular token, click the "Revoke" button and that token will no longer work. 


You now have an application and are ready to make requests to Wave.

Now you can head over to the clients section, to see how to make a request or use the playground to try out queries directly from here.