Permitted Use - Developers and Integrators

When you develop integrations to Wave from another software product, or to sell as a stand-alone product or service, additional terms may apply. All integrations that are not directly for use with your own Wave account require approval by Wave.

API Terms of Service

Use of the Wave API is subject to our Terms of Service. If you do not agree to these Terms, your sole remedy is to not use the API.

OAuth2 Authentication Required

All integrations developed for use other than exclusively with your own Wave business must use OAuth2 authentication.

Approval Requirements

In general, we expect commercial integrations to complement and support customers’ use of Wave; to not distort the distribution of user activities between different parts of our applications and services, and to not place excessive demands on any parts of our systems infrastructure.

Certain types of integration may create incremental costs to Wave while not promoting balanced usage across the free and paid parts of our platform. Such proposed integrations may require specific modifications or restrictions in order to be approved, and/or may be subject to access charges to neutralize their impact on Wave.

If you have any concerns about whether your application may fall into a category that will be rejected, or subject to access fees, we encourage you to reach out to our Partner Integrations team before investing effort in developing your application.

Important: Wave reserves the right to vary the approval conditions and fees applicable to third-party API integrations at any time. Integrations that attempt to bypass the above processes - for example by not using OAuth for authentication - will be permanently blocked from access to our platform.

Promoting your Integration

You will be welcome to promote your approved Integration to your own customers, to Wave's customers, and to potential customers of both our businesses. In promoting your integration, you may make use of Wave's brand assets to the extent set out in the Terms of Service.

Notwithstanding the above, it is important that customers understand your integration and/or service is independent of Wave. Accordingly, the name of your integration may not start with the word 'Wave'; choose instead a name that ends 'for Wave'. For example:

  • "Wave Power Timer" would not be an acceptable name, but
  • "Power Timer for Wave", would.

We will not approve integrations to any other product or service that has 'Wave' anywhere in its name.